About Us

We know how to build trust

The criterion for success is the Intelligent Agents to perform functions normally performed by exceptionally competent people.



Our Focus


We invent, build, and deploy intelligent systems that create a competitive advantage for our warfighters.


Help the DOD use artificial intelligence to create differentiated systems from those of our adversaries.


We work with our customers to use artificial intelligence for the benefit of our warfighters.

Why Trust Us?

We know how to build trust.

The criterion for technological success is the Intelligent Agents ability to perform functions normally performed by exceptionally competent people.

As a User, I will Trust My Agent…

  • If I understand how “my” agent is built
  • If I can “see that it (the Agent) is thinking
  • If the Agent thinks about correct things
  • If the Agent “sees” things that people cannot see.
  • If the agent remains alert (24/7) and remains accurate and handles large amounts of data, processes vast amounts of data in a dynamic environment, and performs in a relevant timeframe that ensures success.
  • If the agent explains how it reached conclusions.

    For my Customers, I will: 

    • keep to my word and follow through with my actions
    • communicate effectively
    • earn trust by working hard and efficiently
    • always value and honor our relationship