Our Mission

We invent, build, and deploy intelligent agent systems that create a competitive advantage for our war fighters.



Our Focus


We invent, build, and deploy intelligent agent systems that create a competitive advantage for our war fighters.


Help the Department of Defense (DOD) use Artificial Intelligence to create differentiated systems from those of our adversaries.


We work with our customers to define custom strategies to use artificial intelligence in the most effectvive manner for the DOD.

Customer Benefits

We will make you more efficient.

Here’s how we ensure success:

  • Speed to deployment against competition
  • Differentiation against competition
  • Selection of innovative systems that include productivity improvements, innovations, and new paradigms focused on making the warfighter more effective.

Why Use Us?

We have been serving the Department of Defense for more than 30 years.

Our technology has improved and takes advantage of the improvements in AI over the past 5 years. We are able to more quickly adapt this technology in comparison to large, established DOD vendors.

We collaborate with these vendors to achive the objectives of our DOD customers much more quickly and at a lower price.