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Solutions for Government

Intelligent force multiplication. Whether enhancing command and control, improving aviation, or network management, VELOXITI has pioneered the use of Intelligent Agents in the battle space with our Warfighter
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Solutions for Commercial

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Beyond advanced analytics. Faster number crunching only goes so far. VELOXITI builds intelligent systems that use those results to provide evolutionary capability with revolutionary results.                                                                          Find out more…


VELOXITI creates software that thinks like people do.

At VELOXITI, we believe that if the computer is to continue its evolution in assisting humans then it must be more than a massive number cruncher – it must be a true “thinking” partner. That is our vision, our mission, our purpose.

Our solutions leverage advanced thinking software to help people make better, faster, and more complete decisions in corporate, government, and military environments.

We amplify human decision-making capabilities when there is too much data or too little time for the experts to process it, or there simply are not enough "experts" within an organization.

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VELOXITI. Thinking software. Intelligent Decisions.